as your wedding day grows closer….remember that your man fell in love with you….just the way you are….that your natural beauty will captivate him…no matter what dress you choose or how you wear your hair….celebrate your inner beauty….embrace your love….and kiss your groom…..xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 31-2009 , 07:40AM
    Beautifully said :)
  2. Isabelle:
    Mar 31-2009 , 08:43AM
    the way you capture every bride's natural beauty is such a gift and inspiration. love you, elizabeth!
  3. Mar 31-2009 , 11:27AM
    This is great advice, it is wonderful how you catch that natural beauty in photography! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Apr 01-2009 , 01:27PM
    Breathtaking image Elizabeth :)
  5. Apr 02-2009 , 01:18PM
    Amen to that! I wish I could have convinced myself of that when I got married!
  6. Apr 03-2009 , 09:52AM
    I am hoping to embrace this with my wedding.
  7. May 12-2009 , 11:50PM
    I have been looking at this pic over at BIGFOLIO and loving loving it. I wondered who did it....
  8. anusha:
    Oct 10-2009 , 11:00PM
    nice, i have never sean such photo .i like such real beauty
  9. Mar 05-2010 , 12:02AM
    This brides hair is amazing! Im sure her wedding was a sight to behold.