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  1. Nikanne:
    Mar 21-2009 , 07:41AM
    The best X0X0...are from Josh, my fiance. He is so tender and loving. He looks at me like I'm the only person in whole world just for him. He is always gentle and sweet when he kisses me. I think we kiss and hug over 30 times per day! Our friends and family call us Mr. and Mrs. Bear.
  2. Mar 21-2009 , 02:10PM
    My first kiss with my fiance was the most memorable I've ever had. I know that sounds obnoxious, but bear with me: we were a "debate at first sight" kind of couple - we had to WORK for that kiss. We sparred from the moment we met, through several drinks, to a street corner outside - never once doing much of anything except challenging every word out of the other's mouth. So on the corner, against all odds, this guy I'd been debating all night leaned down to kiss me, and it was magical. I couldn't help but make that embarrassing little sighing sound when he did it, which completely gave me away. And just like that, a car full of teenagers drove by and yelled for us to get a room. We never looked back. :-)
  3. Mar 21-2009 , 07:54PM
    I remember my first kiss with my husband like it was yesterday (it was 8 years ago and we were just dating then)...yes, it was *that* memorable! You see, I didn't think we were at the stage where he should be kissing me my mind, we were still becoming really good friends...even though I had a huge crush on him ;)

    As we were both staring up at the sky engaged in some type of philosophical conversation, I noticed him getting a little bit closer to me and all I could think about was how LOUD his heart was beating! As I mentioned earlier, I wasn't in anyway thinking that he would want to kiss me I looked at him and said, "why is your heart beating so loud...are you okay?" And that's when he kissed me =) It was magical...pure bliss! The best surprise kiss ever!

    He later told me that he was a little embarrassed when I had asked him why his heart was beating so loud (and fast)...because obviously, the reason it was beating so loud was because he was so nervous to kiss me.
  4. Mar 22-2009 , 12:20AM
    My hubby is gone for the weekend, and Kelli pointed your site out to me on her blog. Who can resist writing about him, especially when I miss him like tonight?

    Jonathan took me to a college formal our sophomore year. We'd been very good friends for about a year-- he'd tutored me through a tough class and had admitted he liked me. I, cliche as it sounds, thought of him like a brother. The night of formal we walked through campus back to our dorms. It was very early in the morning, cold, and I was wearing his jacket. I was mid sentence when he stopped and before I knew what was happening he kissed me. I don't remember kissing back-- all I could think of was, "WHAT IN THE WORLD is HE DOING?" Then we kept walking. I don't think we spoke a word until we reached my room and I mumbled goodnight. I was so traumatized by the entire episode that I avoided him the next day by driving to Los Angeles for the night and not answering his calls. Poor guy had bragged to all of us friends that we'd "finally" kissed, but little did he know I was not so happy about it locking lips.

    A few days later, after I'd avoided him long enough, he came into my room, looked me in the eye, and said-- "You don't know what you want. You've led me on too long. So, either decide that we're going to be together, or no more of this flirty friend thing." (Well, I don't know if he said it exactly like that, but something to that effect.)

    I was completely torn up. I couldn't picture dating him-- he was like a brother-- but I couldn't picture saying goodbye. I walked to the little white prayer chapel on our campus, the place I always went when I didn't know what to do. But, before I could get inside, I looked into the windows and saw him with his head in his hands. And then I knew. He was worth the chance because he was fighting for me.

    We started dating that next day, hesitantly at first. I finally returned his kiss several months later-- and married him two years after that. We've always said that the roughest part of our relationship was deciding to even have one. I'm so glad he made the moves that night. :)
  5. Mar 23-2009 , 11:18PM
    Hubs to be and i had two first kisses, but we love to consider the second first kiss the most special.

    We met on spring break where we had our fling which was lighthearted and fun but when we got back to school we realized there was something more and it put a lot of pressure on both of us since we were both graduating in just a few weeks and had no idea where our lives would take us. We were hanging out a ton the week after spring break but he had yet to kiss me again and I was starting to get really nervous about how he felt about me in general.

    Finally one night in his car when he was dropping me off in front of my apartment we were arguing about how we felt about each other and about starting a relationship when I could tell he was frustrated and upset. I asked him what he was thinking and angrily he asked if I really wanted to know. I nodded, preparing myself for the absolute worst. Instead he reached for and drug me into a passionate and perfect kiss. When he finally let go I just sat there stunned. It was completely breath-taking and honestly we still slow down a little if we're by the parking spot we were parked at in front of my old apartment.
  6. Apr 02-2009 , 02:49PM
    Beach kisses are the BEST! The hubby and I packed a picnic dinner and took off to the beach one night. We set up the tripod and played around snapping some kissing photos. This one is my favorite but the best part was all the outtakes :)
  7. SherriAnnelle:
    Jun 02-2009 , 11:30AM
    I just found your site and I know this post and chain was started long ago but I just had to add my story to your comments. A kiss I keep thinking about happened 12 days ago. It was the sweetest surprise ever when Benjamin asked to kiss me. You see we met about a year ago and our first kiss was not what I hoped it to be. We remained friends and when I saw him again a couple of weeks ago I didn't know what to expect. This time when he asked to kiss me I didn't even wait for him to take the kiss! It was the sweetest best surprise ever. Here's wishing all your kisses are sweet surprises!