some things are hard to describe with words…waxworks pieces are the most beautiful evocative treasures…the technique is know as encaustic painting…the images are literally covered in hot bees wax & paint….waxworks is the love child of two amazing artists…leah macdonald & susan beard….they are also amazing photographers, but it’s this unique company they’ve created together that makes my heart skip a beat…feast your eyes on these divine wax paintings…the images don’t even do them justice….what is really amazing is the texture & feel of the surface…the images are mounted on wood (or paper) & then painted….they are simply scrumptous…..seriously dreamy…..


waxworks markets their pieces of art to photographers….they can take ANY image and turn it into a work of art…so ask your wedding photographer…anyone can order a piece….you can also contact them directly & have any personal images transformed….i have done so many of my images this way…i adore them…in fact i’d let them cover me in wax if it were possible….


waxworks has been kind enough to offer this encaustic image of the eiffel tower as a giveaway….i took this image at a wedding a little while back….and it soon became one of my favorites….the encaustic painting makes me love it even more (it’s a 9×12 photograph mounted on wood & painted with bees wax)……here is how to win this lovely piece of art; simply write a comment telling us about your day dreams….something you just adore, like paris or chocolate…ummm…enough about me….


share your dreams & win this beautiful piece of art by waxworks

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Elana:
    Mar 13-2009 , 07:41AM
    Oh my goodness so so pretty... something I adore: sunset. Anywhere. Anytime. But especially during travels or during hectic times at home. If I'm able to see and enjoy the sunset, I can almost always feel my nerves calm down a bit...
  2. Karen:
    Mar 13-2009 , 07:43AM
    My daydreams consist solely of the days following my fiance's graduation, when I can quit working and be at home with my beautiful children. Being able to raise my kids full time and make a home for my family is my ultimate goal, and I daydream about it often.
  3. Jeffrei:
    Mar 13-2009 , 08:14AM
    After recently breaking up with my high school through college boyfriend of five years, I spend most of my daydreams thinking about the "what could be." I'm graduating this May, and I know that every decision I will make in the next few months and years will be made by only me. Part of that idea is freeing, part is completely unnerving and daunting. Where will I live; what will I do; who will I meet; what exciting adventures await me? That's what I daydream about.
  4. Emily:
    Mar 13-2009 , 09:20AM
    This is a gorgeous piece of art. It reminds me of being in Paris when I was young. I dream of the day I will go back. The day will start with my husband and I eating at a quaint little street patisserie. I will be engrossing myself with fabulous pastries, wishing I knew how to make them as well as this bakery. After I am completly stuffed, I take the hand of the man I love and walk the beautiful streets of Paris. We will walk until there straight ahead lies the Eiffel Tower in all of its glory. Thoughts go through my mind as to the man who was inspired to build this majestic piece. As I climb higher and higher in the elevator I look out on the city below, the Seine River, the Arc de Trimph, and the beautiful Notre Dame. The thoughts come to mind of how lucky I am to be in the city of love with the one and only true love of mine. I then turn to my husband and kiss him for no reason at all!

    What a daydream, that I hope to have become a reality on day!
  5. Mar 13-2009 , 09:21AM
    Dog rescue. It seems so weird but if I had the money the firs thing I would do would be to open a no kill animal shelter specifically for large breed dogs.
  6. Mar 13-2009 , 09:24AM
    These really are extarordinary pieces of art ( having seen at wppi)!!! It would be such a blessing to have such a piece within our home!!

    My daydreams consist of being all I can be to myself and to my family! I can't imagine having life without passion and having children and photography completes this!! Reminding me how important it is to strive for more.....goals, balance and happiness! I believe when you work hard to achieve your dreams and goals, the universe does provide as it has so often for me in life and I am truly thankful! I believe it such an quality to have and so important in raising your own children! Ahhhhh and the Eiffel Tower, my travels through Europe........that is when my real passion for photography was blossomed!!!!
  7. Mar 13-2009 , 01:15PM
    oh gosh, my daydreams? The love of my life of course, my gorgeous husband who supports me even when I don't believe in myself. Followed closely by my 2 dogs. How silly am I about my dogs? Absurd. I love them so..... they make the world brigher. They make me giggle and appreciate the tiniest and simplest of things.

    Beautiful image Elizabeth! I have admired Waxworks for several years now...... I ADORE the ethereal, dreamy, vintage feel it gives an image.

  8. Mar 13-2009 , 04:14PM, there are so many. My children's happiness is of coarse number one. My career as a photographer took off after a 16 year job in finance and everyday that I get invited into peoples lives to capture those special moments is a dream come true. Finally, finding true love in later life has been the most amazing gift. I have found my best friend whom I adore and who treats me like I am the best gift he has ever gotten. Currently we are doing the long distance relationship with 100 miles between us. He is worth every mile but one day it would be nice to have those miles disappear and be able to share every moment together.
    Maybe even get to Paris....
  9. Kristen:
    Mar 13-2009 , 11:32PM
    It varies day by day but today I dreamed of being back in luscious green hills of The Aran Islands seeing gnomes and fairies. It's a good one...
  10. My-Van:
    Mar 14-2009 , 08:35AM
    What a beautiful and unique piece of art...

    My daydreams used to consist of me leaving corporate America and having a job where I could actually make an impact every day. Then I quit to become a teacher and now I'm typically too busy making that impact to daydream!
  11. Mar 15-2009 , 10:19AM
    Thank you for this post!! I've been thinking of how to take my fav wedding and do something than just frame it. I will so be contacting this company.

    As for the giveaway, my dream is to leave my Corp IT job, and spend my day doing what I love: wedding planning, teaching dance, yoga and being with my hubby.

    Thanks for this spectacular post
  12. Nikanne:
    Mar 15-2009 , 02:15PM
    Good question! What do I day dream about? Well, I often day dream about the children I will have with Josh in the near future. Since I'm from Puerto Rico and he is from Washington, the mix of our ethnicities is quite a conversation starter. Will he (or she) have my dark brown hair and eyes? Would they love motocross and Dots candy like Josh? Whose smile will they have around their cute little faces? This is my favorite day dream. I hope you like it too!
  13. Mar 15-2009 , 03:22PM
    Lately I'm daydreaming of baking the perfect torte. Or souffle. I want to visit the farmers market and gather up the ingredients and bake them together in a dish that looks as yummy as it tastes.

    I also dream of seeing the Eiffel Tower in person. But doesn't everyone?
  14. Mar 16-2009 , 07:59AM
    i love daydreaming! one of my other favorite things is when i find something new for the first time, like a little shop around the corner i've somehow never seen before, or a brilliant gadget for my home that suddenly makes the mundane exciting again! I love discovering something beautiful in the places i've gone a thousand times before, but somehow had never noticed what was waiting there, waiting just for me, to find it.
  15. Mar 16-2009 , 02:39PM
    I've always loved that shot! My daydreams consist of ballet, which I am blessed to do 4 nights a week, traveling to Paris or Italy, and having warm sunny days all the time. =)
  16. chandra:
    Mar 16-2009 , 05:29PM
    I'm currently day dreaming about my wedding in August and my Italian honeymoon in September. It is hard not to daydream about Italy!
  17. Mar 16-2009 , 07:41PM
    I dream of traveling the world with my husband. I've always loved travel, but often feel so alone in a foreign country (or even state). Now that I'm married to the love of my life, there can be no downsides to seeing the world.
  18. Mar 17-2009 , 11:59AM
    Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep at night because my mind is just buzzing with thoughts ideas and things I need to do. I like to picture myself sitting alone on a rooftop somewhere in India where the sunrise smells like spices and sweetness. I picture the sun coming up over a river valley and I'm breathing in the color. I close my eyes in my daydream but I can still feel the warmth of the sun and it's just completely peaceful.... I usually fall asleep around this point. ;-)