waxworksthank you to everyone who responded….your day dreams were so inspiring….the winner is…

congraulations emily!

“This is a gorgeous piece of art. It reminds me of being in Paris when I was young. I dream of the day I will go back. The day will start with my husband and I eating at a quaint little street patisserie. I will be engrossing myself with fabulous pastries, wishing I knew how to make them as well as this bakery. After I am completly stuffed, I take the hand of the man I love and walk the beautiful streets of Paris. We will walk until there straight ahead lies the Eiffel Tower in all of its glory. Thoughts go through my mind as to the man who was inspired to build this majestic piece. As I climb higher and higher in the elevator I look out on the city below, the Seine River, the Arc de Trimph, and the beautiful Notre Dame. The thoughts come to mind of how lucky I am to be in the city of love with the one and only true love of mine. I then turn to my husband and kiss him for no reason at all!

What a daydream, that I hope to have become a reality on day!”

a little more sweetness...

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