tori spelling & dean mcdermott had a beautiful wedding reception in los angeles a couple of years ago…since then i have photographed some of the most intimate moments of their lives….tori & dean have a beautiful family…a little boy, liam & a baby girl, stella…i am always moved by the genuine tenderness they have for each other and their children…..many of the reception images have never been seen before….the party was put together by event planner  jo gartin….and it is really the first celebration of their lives together….since then there have been many celebrations and special moments….enjoy their first…and in honor of these wedding reception photographs, tori & dean have autographed two copies of her first book “sTORI telling”….
send us a comment about a special moment in your life….two winners will be chosen soon…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 25-2009 , 08:16AM
    On my birthday this year, my fiance snuck out with the pretense of picking up some milk and came back with three dozen roses. He's not the sort of guy who buys flowers, so I was really overwhelmed. I was even more overwhelmed when I discovered that his next plan was to go sledding by moonlight with some of our friends. It was really an amazing night.
  2. Mar 25-2009 , 01:18PM
    Really enjoyed your posting, love the images
  3. Brittany:
    Mar 25-2009 , 04:12PM
    My special moment was definitely our wedding day - walking down the aisle towards my now-husband. So perfect.
  4. Nikanne:
    Mar 25-2009 , 05:42PM
    I've been battling with my weight for 7 years. I started to diet and going to the gym since Dec 30, 2008. Every day I visit the gym at 7:00 am with my fiance. We support and motivate each other to loose weight. For almost 3 months we've maintained this routine. Two days ago was my special moment. I looked at the mirror and realized that I dropped down 2 pant sizes! Yeah! I am jumping like a bunny rabbit. I am so proud of myself and love sharing this special moment with YOU. Thank you!
  5. Mar 25-2009 , 09:28PM
    Its so hard to think of just one special moment in my life. There are so many but the one that pops into my mind was two years ago when I went to a really important photography workshop for the first time. It was something I really wanted to do but felt guilty spending the money to do so. When I brought it up to my boyfriend he just told me "that I had to go and deserved to go". It was great to have him be so supportive towards me and my career. When I arrived at the workshop and unpacked there was a sweet note in my suitcase because he knew I was nervous about meeting all the talented people that were going to be there. Then when I arrived home there was a dozen long stem yellow roses along with a card saying how proud he was. Its something I will never forget......PS: Aren't Tori & Dean fabulous. I am a huge fan.
  6. Mar 26-2009 , 09:04AM
    My husband and I first started spending time together in the summer before our senior year of high school. We were in the same English class that fall and decided to do our summer reading together sprawled under a tree in a meadow at our county park. Somewhere in the first 20 pages or so of the book, his hand crept slowly closer to mine. Gradually we let our fingers intertwine. We spent the rest of the afternoon holding hands, lying in the grass and staring at the blue sky, dreaming.
  7. Mar 28-2009 , 12:39PM
    Hi Elizabeth!

    A special moment in my life was with my husband a little over a year ago around Valentine's. I had just started my business and was working ridiculous hours since I had a full time job also. I didn't think we were doing anything for Valentine's and my husband surprised me with tickets to Washington D.C. (we live in Oregon!). He planned out a whirlwind weekend so we could redo a past date we had in D.C. several years prior. He told me to pack a bag after work on Friday and we were on a plane a couple hours later. We went to all the museums on Saturday and I got a mild case of food poisoning from the cafe. Although he had made reservations at the same restaurant we dined at previously, he was completely fine canceling it to order room service since I was a bit under the weather. It was great to spend time with him and revisit the same places we visited while we were dating. Even though we didn't get to go to the same restaurant, it was great to be taken care of and to spend time with my husband, who really went the extra mile. That was even better than wining and dining out.
  8. Mar 29-2009 , 02:18PM
    our wedding day...just knowing that my husband and i would be there to take care of each other forever!
  9. Aimee:
    Apr 02-2009 , 04:59PM
    My special moment with my fiance Preston was when I was watching one of my favorite wedding tv shows with him. Instead of the usual feeling of forcing him to watch, that day he did a 180 and decided it was so important to me to plan this perfect day to spend with him and marry him. He became interested in the details and from that day forward has been genuinely interested in the little things that matter to me. I love him!
  10. Teresa:
    Jul 14-2009 , 02:30AM
    I'm big on family and close relationships with the people in my one my favorite special moments was with my husband (At the time boyfriend) and my youngest nephew (a year old at the time). We were laying on the couch and my boyfriend and I were holding him together. We all ended up napping on the couch and our picture was taken. It was really cute and very much meaningful to me.
  11. Oct 16-2011 , 09:19PM
    Great post. Loved the images.