there is something so beautiful….so timeless about sepia wedding photographs….

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Nikanne:
    Mar 22-2009 , 07:18AM
    I agree! Sepia transforms the image to where it travels to another time. I think that Sepia is timeless.
  2. Mar 22-2009 , 08:00AM
    so beautiful!
  3. Mar 22-2009 , 10:46AM
    Yum. Yum:)
  4. Mar 24-2009 , 09:24AM
    Wow. Gorgeous!
  5. Mar 30-2009 , 10:54AM
    your images are absolutely gorgeous....
  6. Sally:
    Mar 30-2009 , 04:58PM
    These images are truely beautiful and an inspiration for acheiving that timeless look