its monday morning, have you kissed the one you love yet??

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 09-2009 , 09:06AM
    Beautiful shot.
  2. Mar 09-2009 , 09:22AM
    No :( my sweetie is in Chicago on a business trip.
  3. Mar 09-2009 , 10:28AM
    Gorgeous! And yes I did. I always do when I leave for work in the morning.
  4. Mar 09-2009 , 02:48PM
    This is probably one of my {favorite} pictures ever!!
  5. Mar 09-2009 , 03:36PM
    I love your blog so much Elizabeth! This post made my day!
  6. Mar 09-2009 , 06:21PM
    thank you thank you....its almost time for goodnight kisses now....xoxo
  7. Mar 10-2009 , 10:45AM
    So lovely to chat with you last week!
    I just had to comment on this photo. It is absolutely gorgeous and dreamy. The colors are just delicious.
  8. Geneviève:
    Dec 29-2009 , 02:55PM
    This picture almost made me cry !!! This is how I wish to be love !
  9. Andrea:
    Jun 29-2011 , 01:27AM