“Everyone has their kindergarten kiss stories.  I happened to be the little girl dressed up in the perfect floral dress and bow in my hair, that played kissy tag during recess.  Except instead of running away from the boys, screaming all the while, I ran towards them.  I ran my dress and ribbon right into the mud chasing after a kiss.”

-isabelle hahn

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Nikanne:
    Mar 15-2009 , 02:27PM
    This cute little girl looks like my fiance's niece. Her name is Jewel and she will be our flower girl. Thank you for sharing such a sweet image and story.
  2. Mar 15-2009 , 03:53PM
    that is so cute! i was the one who ran...especially from a red-headed boy named Ian who would constantly chase me to kiss me.
  3. Mar 21-2009 , 01:37AM
    omg... can you believe my son got "written up" at his after school program for telling one boy to kiss some girl? they're 5! thank you for reminding us that kindergarten kisses are cute + innocent!
  4. Mar 23-2009 , 01:40PM
    hehe - I remember my first playground love(s) - i decided that I loved a pair of twins in my class. They took me on a date and pooled their pocket money to buy me an icecream. I can't believe a child could get written up for playground hijinks - first love is so sweet and innocent!