Behind the Scenes Blog love….Junebug Weddings!


Of course, most of you
already know about
junebug weddings
but here are a few things
you may not know:

1. junebug is really a lovebug….it is the loving creation of three very talented woman
who met in photography school….blair, christy & kim all started as photographers….
which explains why they have such a good eye for style & beautiful wedding ideas… 

2. the junebug  girls have just written their very first book, which will be out fall 2009!!!

3. although junebug was founded in seattle, they are about to launch in california as too,
this is good news for the lucky vendors who will be on their exclusive list (me included)
& for brides hoping to plan their perfect wedding….

junebug has a wealth of information and the junebug girls are three of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet….they are passionate about weddings and style….they love shoes almost as much as i do and have thoughtful tips on all types of wedding necessities….one of my favorites sections is groombug….i love anything that acknowledges & honors the men in our lives….because without good men, their wouldn’t be a groom to kiss….and check out their fashion report….so if you haven’t already, spend a little time on junebug(or maybe a lot of time)…’ll be happy you did….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 24-2009 , 01:34PM
    Another fact about Junebug is that every one of us love Elizabeth and her work! Kim used a photo of hers as inspiration for her own wedding five years ago, and we've watched her with awe ever since.

    Now that we're girlfriends, we have ten thousand other reasons to love her.
  2. Mar 24-2009 , 01:49PM
    Okay, I seriously love everything about Junebug Weddings, and that shoe shot is one of my favorite things.
  3. Nikanne:
    Mar 25-2009 , 05:40AM
    This website is amazing. Thank you for sharing. My favorite section is their preferred list of vendors for Seattle. A true lifesaver. Thank you!
  4. Rachel:
    Mar 27-2009 , 05:05PM
    Is there anyway to find out who makes those purple shoes? I love them.
  5. May 09-2009 , 10:54PM
    Hi Elizabeth! I got connected to you through Junebug (above image by me :) and I totally agree with you that it really is a lovebug. I absolutely love those ladies! Welcome to the family! Your work is stunning.

    Rachel, you can find the link to those shoes at