there is nothing quite as wonderful as a girl’s best friend….the one who gets all your jokes
& holds your hand when mr. not so right hurts your feelings….and the one who jumps up
and down when the love of your life proposes….whether you are shoe shopping or sipping
tea…or belly laughing over nothing at all….friendship is an indescribable gift….give
your best friend a call today  & tell her how much she means to you….

friendship2aas you grow…so does the texture of your friendship….we all experience
growing pains from time to time…at the end of the day…. a true friend is simply
an extension of your family…and no matter what, that is what really matters….


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 03-2009 , 02:26PM
    beautifully written and so true. thank you. i'm going to call my best friend right now!
  2. Mar 03-2009 , 02:28PM
    oh yes, a friendship between women, well there is nothing like it in the world!