remember when dressing up was a delight? and your mother’s shoes could transform you into a princess? i still love any excuse to dress up, it’s one of my favorite past times…sadly, i never seen to do it enough…life gets in the way of day dreams…thank goodness for weddings, a day when dressing up is celebrated…and you get to where your pretty dress all day long….i say, pull out your high heels and a completely inappropriate dress, maybe even your wedding dress & make some pancakes this weekend….why not? if your husband doesn’t understand, your children certainly will….xoxo

dress-updress up & down….and someone please pass the syrup….

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 06-2009 , 09:59AM
    Love the wrap that looks like angel wings on the bottom left! Are those ostrich feathers? I've seen an amazing dress with similar feathers and the texture really shows in the pics. :) http://dynamiteweddings.blogspot.com/2008/02/introducing-fuse.html
  2. Mar 06-2009 , 11:31AM
    Love these photos and your site!!!

    Your new fan,

    Elle <3
  3. Mar 06-2009 , 12:19PM
    oh how fun...I bet James will get a kick out me dressing up in my gown and making him pancakes!