A Destination Wedding….. just the words “destination wedding” sounds special…. exotic…. romantic…. the truth is, just about every wedding is a destination wedding…..chances are, someone had to travel to get there….but more importantly, anyone can have a destination wedding, even in your own backyard….think of your wedding as an experience from beginning to end…..and anticipate your guests’ needs in addition to your own….having cocktails the night before you exchange vows & brunch the morning after, can make your local wedding have a “destination” feel….food, lighting & sounds can all contribute to the overall experience for you & your guests….want to have a french wedding at home? give your guests little bundles of french lavender….serve french food with edith piaf playing softly during dinner….have your officiant say a blessing in french… the world in the comfort of your home…..

no matter where you are….a destination a million miles away or at home…remember the most important thing is the man standing next to you & your friends & family celebrating with you…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 05-2009 , 10:50AM
    Elizabeth, you are such an amazing photographer!! I always enjoy looking at each and every image!
  2. Mar 05-2009 , 10:57AM
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  6. Andrea:
    Jun 28-2011 , 06:49AM
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