chocolatei LOVE chocolate….in a way that really defies words….these delicious truffles were made by the amazing jessica foster….she also made hundreds of them for my wedding….which i highly recommend…chocolate truffles make a wonderful pairing with any wedding cake…and all your chocolate loving friends will be so grateful…did i mention, i LOVE chocolate….bon appetite!!

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 18-2009 , 08:57AM
    There's this cute Japanese chocolate truffle that you might like. I can send you some. :D
  2. Mar 18-2009 , 04:41PM
    oh..yummy. This is such a delicious photograph (and subject!)
  3. Nikanne:
    Mar 18-2009 , 05:16PM
    These look scrumptious!
  4. Mar 19-2009 , 06:39PM
    Jessica's chocolates are sooooo good!!!!
  5. Apr 03-2009 , 09:53AM
    Pictures like this make we wish I wasn't allergic to chocolate.