baby blue is the perfect color for a girl, certain shades of blue are so feminine and lovely….


sweet cake idea….have the baker who created your wedding cake, make a cake for a smaller celebration…we do it sometimes for parties or birthdays….you can transport yourself back to the magic of your wedding day & enjoy a scrumptious cake….this beautiful baby blue cake was created by christine dahl….it was an amazing vanilla cake with white chocolate frosting….

a little more sweetness...

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  1. leah mae:
    Mar 10-2009 , 03:37PM
    love the crown!! did you make it? if so...where'd you get the idea? this is a beautiful collection.
  2. Mar 11-2009 , 11:03AM
    what a fantastic birthday!
  3. Mar 12-2009 , 12:34PM
    What a beautiful birthday party! The cake, the hat, the cake stand. I love everything.. even the simplicity of the candles.

    The birthday girl looks very pleased.
  4. Mar 15-2009 , 09:12AM
    I always thought that boys color verses girl colors was stupid. Make it your own! My fiance wears a pink tie and owns it. This little girl in these pictures makes blue her color. Beautiful!
  5. Nikanne:
    Mar 15-2009 , 02:35PM
    My wedding colors are black, white and...Tiffany Blue. I love this shade of blue. I don't know what it is, but it makes feel happy and calm. This is the feeling that I want to feel on my Big Day and that's why I picked this color. I also think that this shade of blue it timeless. My aunt used it for her wedding in the 70's. Isn't that fabulous?