INDIA is a country with immense beauty and many layers of spirituality, poverty and heart moving stories…..Slumdog Millionaire captures all of this and more….the beautiful imagery & heartfelt dialog in this movie take you along for the journey of a young boy, Jamel’s life….as he becomes a man & searches for the love of his life, Latika….the film is magical and raw….and the music in fantastic….my favorite part of the movie…is the very last scene…the very last frame to be exact….captures ¬†Jamel & Latika’s first kiss….it’s perfect!!

i spent some time photographing in India & in honor of Slumdog Millionaire here are some of my favorites……


my time in India was indescribable…truly life changing…i visited many temples & wandered the streets, camera in hand….i drank hundreds of cups of tea….and felt honored to be greeted with such warmth by so many people….Slumdog Millionaire transported me back to India & reminded me of what an amazing place it is…if you have not seen this movie yet…do so, give your self the gift of spending two hours with Jamel & Latika….and witness firsthand one of the most wonderful first kisses ever…..


i’ll be watching the Oscars tonight with fingers crossed…..xoxo…elizabeth

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 22-2009 , 08:55AM
    Just came across your blog today... amazing images from India... -JG
  2. Feb 22-2009 , 11:34AM
    I am also keeping my fingers crossed for Slumdog Millionaire to win!!! Oscars tonight ... FUN!! :)
  3. Feb 22-2009 , 10:46PM
    I have been living in India for the past 6 months. I am moving back to the States on Thursday. It has been a crazy time and I will say that Slumdog is a very accurate portrait of this country. It's a mixture of beauty and heartbreak. Slumdog has had it's controversy in the country, but I'm so glad that the world has been exposed to what's going on, on the other side of the planet. Best Picture of the Year. Good job Oscar:)
  4. Feb 23-2009 , 02:09PM
    Thanks for these photos. I was so touched by Slumdog Millionaire. It made me want to be a better person. Every time I see a movie about's like a wake-up call.
  5. Jay Quicho:
    Apr 11-2009 , 10:13AM
    Thanks for sharing your photographs. I'm now even more inspired to visit such a beautiful country. Great work!
  6. Nicky:
    May 23-2009 , 04:27PM
    Breath-taking !!! There has always been something deep within my soul that makes me yearn to see India. After stumbling across your photos today, it stirs this feeling even more. Except now I know I can't go until I have fullfilled another dream, to learn photography. You are seriously talented... I hope one day I will be able to take stunning photographs like you !