“the first time he kissed me was four days after we met….

i had insisted many times that we were just going to be friends….but lying there in the pitch black…right next to each other….noses inches apart…..i was suddenly desperate for him to kiss me…..

i could feel his warmth….his breath….his smell was intoxicating….my heart was beating so fast, i was sure he could here it…..every ounce of my will power was being used to keep me in place, so i would not lean into him….as ‘please kiss me’ continued to run through my head on repeat….then it happened…his warm lips pressed against mine…so soft…his hands on my hips pulling my body towards him….the first touch of his lips sent chills through my entire body….my arms wrapped tightly around his back & neck….we could not let go….”


(to see more of sheridan & bo’s beautiful wedding check out the current issue of elegant bride)

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 21-2009 , 05:40PM
    So glad that you started a blog! Love the stories here, they really give the photos so much more depth. Nice meeting you at WPPI!