red is for roses……and lots of other lovely things….there are so many ways to bring color into your wedding….sometimes the smallest most natural things can be so beautiful….red is warm and often playful but can also be sultry & moody….sometimes adding a little unexpected color can be really fun…like the perfect pair of red shoes under a  traditional wedding gown….or a jug full of wild flowers on a plain linen table cloth…. 


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 22-2009 , 07:06PM
    Elizabeth, I am so happy you have a blog! Wonderful to see you this week. These images are just divine!
  2. Feb 23-2009 , 01:15AM
    Elizabeth... I heart your new blog :) The posts are sweet and the pictures just beautiful! I am so honored to have met and spoken with you in Vegas, and even more excited to learn that we share a love of the same lomo camera. Your work continues to inspire me and you as a human being are equally wonderful... I will email you separately regarding the lomo, a fine art print, and a coffee chat :))) xo, Christa
  3. Feb 23-2009 , 02:08PM
    I love the poppy picture!
  4. Feb 24-2009 , 11:37AM
    I've always loved that picture of the bridesmaids with their beautiful dresses! This is such a great post. =)
  5. Feb 24-2009 , 07:17PM
    oh, i am loving the red SO much. a good friend of mine chose red for her wedding this year, and i thought i'd hate it... but it's completely grown on me. now if i could only pull off those backless red gowns. wowsa!
  6. Mirjam:
    Sep 12-2009 , 11:34AM
    oh... i am loving these red shoes... Perhabs you can tell me, where to get shoes like this?

    Thank you for all these amazing pictures!
  7. Emma:
    Dec 04-2009 , 07:03AM
    Hi Elizabeth, I know it's been a while since you posted this, but is there any possibility you could let me know where those gorgeous red shoes were from? I adore your talent and inspiration x