in celebration of our grand opening we are happy to announce our first giveaway….this lovely little set is from faire frou frou , a beautiful boutique in studio city that specializes in luxury lingerie…simply leave a comment & tell us what you love about kissing…we will choose a winner soon…..and in the meantime, if you can’t make to the faire frou frou boutique in person…check out their site , they have lots of lovely lingerie….have a wonderful day…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 14-2009 , 04:57PM
    Dear "Kiss the Groom",
    I am so excited to have found your site! So far, I love what I see-great sexy boudoir shots. My fiance and I are getting married May 23, 2009 and I would LOVE to have the giveaway lingerie set for our honeymoon. My favorite thing about kissing my fiance is the way my butterflies always come back in my tummy and how safe I feel. My favorite part of your site so far is "The Kissing Tree" cute! Good luck with everything-I will definitley add you to my blog list on my wedding blog. Hope I win!
  2. chandra:
    Feb 15-2009 , 11:48AM
    I love your new site. What I love about kissing is...everything! It can be fun, passionate, sad, intimate, bring people closer together, be a way to say goodbye. But most of all, I love kissing my fiance because he is a good kisser and after 13 years of kissing him, I never get bored or tired of it :)
  3. Laura:
    Feb 15-2009 , 06:28PM
    I love the new Blog Kiss the groom, and a grand opeing with a sexy and sweet lingerie giveaway... even better!
    I am engaged to my best friend. High school sweet hearts, best friends, and lovers. Kissing him is like a box of chocolates, everyone simply great but something different. You have the quick little milk chocolate pecks, that are just a cute quick reminder saying, Hey I love you. Or the passionate Dark chocolate kisses, that make your head spin and feel like your on a coffee overload. But every single kiss unique and memorable even if just souly for it's simplicity. I love him and I hope to never run out of our supply of chocolate, he's the love of my life.
    Thank you for brining us a great new blog to come for unique ideas and tips! Good luck I'll be a long lasting supporter!

    ~ Laura
  4. Amy:
    Feb 15-2009 , 07:56PM
    A wonderful new blog!

    I love that a kiss is a complete conversation - no words necessary - that lingers long after lips part. When we kiss whether for a moment or a minute or a lifetime everything else ceases to exist and we find ourselves in that space that only includes us and cannot be interrupted by phone or screaming child or fire alarm!
  5. penelope:
    Feb 16-2009 , 11:25AM
    i luv to kiss. it is the best. feeling. his lips on my lips. touching. sweet and warm, seductive, sexy. hmnmn. . . i like kissing. it's fun
  6. Feb 16-2009 , 01:02PM
    Your blog is Amazing! I <3's it!

    The best part of kissing is the passion it builds! There's nothing like sincere passion!
  7. amy:
    Feb 16-2009 , 03:13PM
    love the new site! i was a little nervous about planning a wedding until i found such great sites that focus on the beauty not what you are "supposed" to do! i'll be checking back regularly.
  8. Stephanie:
    Feb 16-2009 , 03:18PM
    I love that kissing is special... so (so) very special
  9. Feb 16-2009 , 03:19PM
    What a exciting find. I love the soft elegance of this blog. I can't wait to check back everyday to see what's new. It seems like it is going to be full of romantic and sweet sentiments. I love that the title focus's on the groom and the posts on couples because on so many blogs the groom seems to be forgotten or a side note. When the groom is half the reason for a wedding day. I would love to win this give away because I have Boudoir pictures coming up next month and it would be wonderful to have something special to take the pictures in especially since they are my for my grooms gift.
  10. Feb 16-2009 , 03:21PM
    Oh wow - what a lovely website!!! I really wish you all the best in the blogging world... and will feature your blog on my site. Might I add that I love your website name.. and the love tree. So original.


    What I love about kissing... the emotion behind it. Nothing beats getting chills....
  11. Feb 16-2009 , 03:44PM
    My favorite thing about kissing is when he puts his hands on the sides of my face or the back of my neck when he kisses me ... it makes me feel like he wants me even closer, like he doesn't want to let me go.

    Love the new site :)
  12. Bridget:
    Feb 16-2009 , 03:46PM
    Goodness--what do I NOT love about kissing? Most of all, I love being so close to that person - we breathe the same air, we are in that moment completely together. It's lovely....completely lovely.
  13. kelly:
    Feb 16-2009 , 03:58PM
    your new site is just lovely. so excited to add it to my curated list of daily musings.

    a kiss takes on so many meanings in so many forms. like snowflakes, no kiss is ever the same, so it's like a new experience every time. I've been with my amazing fiance for 7 years, and i love knowing that each kiss will be lovely way for our hearts to connect in new ways. after 7 years, anything new is a lot to ask for. :)
  14. Lindley:
    Feb 16-2009 , 05:24PM
    Kissing - an act that unites two people in a moment of tender sweetness. I love kissing because it evokes such different responses - surprise, tingling, warmth, satisfaction, longing for more... And kisses can be short and sweet or long and luxurious, frilly, playful or robust. There is a kiss for every moment and every situation and when you are with someone who knows just how to kiss you in those very different moments, it is pure bliss!
  15. caroline:
    Feb 16-2009 , 05:36PM
    I love your site - looking at these images of blissfully happy people makes me smile.
    What I love about kissing: noses touching softly, the gentle pressure of lips pressed together... and I really love it when husband runs his fingers through my hair.
  16. Jennifer:
    Feb 16-2009 , 06:09PM
    Of course, my favorite thing about kissing is who I am kissing. And that would be by my fiance.
  17. Feb 16-2009 , 06:28PM
    I love your blog - I just came upon it today.

    I just love this lingerie set and I LOVE kissing!

    I love it because it's a way of sharing. It's one of the most intimate things that you truly only share with the one you love. When your mad, a kiss makes it all better. I think kisses are healing :) Sometimes you don't even have to say "let's kiss" you just know and you kiss... Kissing expresses to each other in silence what you would've said in words.

    We're marrying also on 5-23-09 and I love kissing my fiancee' :)
  18. michella:
    Feb 16-2009 , 07:18PM
    adoring your blog and this gorgeous, sexy set of underpinnings. what I love about kissing is getting lost in a sea of pillow lips. it really can take you to another place.
  19. Feb 16-2009 , 07:59PM
    YAY! what a great new blog...

    I love the moments before a kiss when you go in and close your eyes keeping in your mind that image of desire on your loves face i then you press your lips to theirs and breath in each other while loosing yourself in the intense connection of your bodies at the littlest point.

    Great knickers so vintage glam.
  20. Emily:
    Feb 16-2009 , 10:30PM
    Great blog! I'm so glad I found it :D

    I love the tingles you get from kissing someone you totally adore
  21. laura h:
    Feb 17-2009 , 07:08AM
    just gorgeous! i'd love to win!
  22. aziazel:
    Feb 17-2009 , 07:09AM
    sometimes a kiss can feel just like coming home, no matter where you are.
  23. Liz B.:
    Feb 17-2009 , 08:06AM
    I love the expression of love felt through a kiss. I think some of the most sweetest & tender kisses I've received are an unexpected kiss on the cheek or forehead from my husband.
  24. liz:
    Feb 17-2009 , 09:00AM
    getting married soon- could use something so pretty! fingers crossed!!
  25. Feb 17-2009 , 09:48AM
    Fantastic blog! Cant' wait to keep reading!
  26. Sheena Roetman:
    Feb 17-2009 , 10:01AM
    The thing I love most about kissing is how warm and personal it is, especially when you are kissing the Right person. I love how versatile kissing is... You can give goodbye kisses and hello kisses, wakeup kisses, goodnight kisses, etc etc etc.
  27. Jenn S.:
    Feb 17-2009 , 12:39PM
    My favorite thing about kissing is just how good a kiss is after having gone months without my fiance. He's deployed to Iraq right now, and has been there for almost a year. We were long distance before that, so we know a thing or two about kissing after a long time away. You build it up and dream about that kiss for months, and when it finally comes, it really was worth the wait-- because of just how much it means to kiss each other. It's almost like the first kiss all over again. So hands down, that's what I love the most.
  28. Feb 17-2009 , 12:42PM
    i love that kissing says everything you want to say to the person you love.
  29. Jay:
    Feb 17-2009 , 02:37PM
    Mmmm kissing. My wife and I dated in high school (then went our separate ways) and back in those days we kissed a LOT because that's what you do. :-) We had great chemistry and still do. Whenever life gets hectic around us we always know that one fine kiss will melt the world away and makes everything better. Sigh...
  30. Diana:
    Feb 18-2009 , 03:33PM
    gorgeous website. i love kissing my husband - just one simple kiss seems magical - it makes me pause & focus in on him!
  31. Feb 18-2009 , 06:15PM
    oh elizabeth,

    the site is but a dream. it's ethereal, romantic and dreamy just like your imagery.

    Alison @ faire frou frou is a good friend of mine so I am not entering the contest but it sure is beautiful to see the two of you in the same place.

  32. Jenn:
    Feb 18-2009 , 06:39PM
    What I love about kissing? His reaction. I love watching him melt. The second best thing? The dog gets jealous.

    I love your site. My fiance and I are getting married 5/30/09! Thanks for the inspiration.
  33. Shell:
    Feb 18-2009 , 08:37PM
    beautiful blog!

    kissing your love shares the sweetest secrets.
  34. Emily:
    Feb 18-2009 , 10:09PM
    Kissing is how it all starts! Then...and the end of the day it is how it all ends. It is one move that can convey everything about love - attraction, passion, compassion, tenderness, understanding, fun, communication, care, excitement, apologies, goodbyes, hellos. It pretty much sums up everything that is means to be in love.
  35. Heather:
    Feb 19-2009 , 07:47AM
    When I kiss my fiance, I feel like I'm swept into another world - a lovely world where nothing is wrong. There is no stress, but only the two of us...kissing.

    That lingerie is lovely and I'd love to show it to him on our honeymoon.

    What a great blog, by the way. :)
  36. Mary:
    Feb 20-2009 , 09:05PM
    Kissing conveys true trust. Notice, you rarely kiss someone with your eyes open. Kissing allows you to give in to the moment of pure trust where you can close your eyes and just be present in that moment with the person you love, nothing else matters. It is a beautiful gift to be allowed by someone to do that. Plus it's also fun and allows you to show your true feelings for your lover.
  37. Feb 23-2009 , 01:02PM
    When D and i kiss, I feel completely looked after, and everything is better. Our first kiss wasn't ..ummm.. awesome; years of friendship and confusion built to a somewhat awkward first-kiss-moment. We've put in plenty of practice since then, and our favourite new game is figuring out the appropriate amount of "church tounge" for our first married kiss! I love being with him and sharing everything with him, and to me there are few things more intimate than a long kiss with my man.
    LOVING your site - beautiful stuff!!
  38. Karen:
    Feb 23-2009 , 11:10PM
    I love the way my fiance puts his forehead against mine before he kisses me. Sometimes we pause like that for a few moments, and it builds anticipation for the kiss that follows.

    Great blog, by the way -- so many good ideas here!