kiss the groom celebrates life, love & kisses…..through photographs and personal insights….honoring weddings, family and other love stories…this site was created with  love by photographer elizabeth messina….who will share some of her most intimate images….todays love story is boudoir….the beauty of the underneath….enjoy your visit….xoxo


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 14-2009 , 10:06AM
    Gorgeous Elizabeth! Congrats on such a beautiful and touching new project come to life!

  2. Feb 14-2009 , 10:23AM
    What beautiful images...thanks for sharing.
  3. Feb 14-2009 , 12:59PM
    I am so excited about "kiss the groom" and look forward to reading up on all your new adventures The site really does look incredible! Congrats!!
  4. Feb 14-2009 , 12:59PM
    Wow, such a beautiful post... congratulations! I'll be checking back :)
  5. Feb 16-2009 , 03:03PM
    amazing images, thanks for sharing!
  6. Andrea:
    Jun 28-2011 , 04:55AM
    Hi Elizabeth, I have just found your site and wanted to leave a comment here at the beginning of your blog, which I am just starting to read from the beginning. I checked out your portfolio on your website and your images are absolutely stunning. Looking forward to reading the rest of your blog.
    Andrea x