so you are having a baby….and before you know it you are celebrating your baby’s first birthday….there is something so special about that 1st birthday….and even though it may be too much to have a big party for your little one….you simply have to have a cake & a little family celebration….one of my favorite things to do for my children is make some kind of theme cake….one  year a dinosaur cake for my son and for my daughter a rubber ducky cake (shown above)….the rubber ducky cake was a big hit, after my two year old celebrated & ate her special cake, she got to take a bubble bath with her new rubber ducky…..


and remember….an older sibling may have trouble mustering up the same enthusiasm you have…i try to include my older ones in the cake making process….this seems to help get them on board….nothing like liking the bowl to improve anybody’s mood….


i am also a big fan of the birthday portrait….i love to honor every occasion with photographs….


enjoy your cake….and as you lay your little one down to sleep….look forward
to another year, another cake and count your many blessings….

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 25-2009 , 07:24AM
    Your site is VERY nice. I have been a big fan for a long time. Thanks for the inspiration and you can count on me as a regular visitor.
  2. Feb 25-2009 , 01:22PM
    I love your site - just stumbled across it. This post is so true! My nephew's 3rd birthday was on Monday, I got a brand new nephew in January, and my sister is expecting in August! Next year will be full of important "firsts", and it is so important to catch those memories in pictures. :O)
  3. Feb 25-2009 , 04:25PM
    That 'foot' photo is the most adorable thing I have ever seen.
  4. Feb 25-2009 , 10:25PM
    I love the rubber duck cake. My mom used to always make an angle food cake with a barbie in the middle. She would cover the cake with whip cream and strawberries and cover the barbie as well so it looked like the barbie was wearing a giant pink dress.
  5. Feb 25-2009 , 11:30PM
    I am a huge fan of your wedding photography but hadn't seen any of your "babies" Amazing! You are so creative and inspiring and so is your blog!
  6. Mar 06-2009 , 01:47PM
    These are incredible. Love, love, love your photos:)
  7. Mar 08-2009 , 05:56PM
    I love the feet picture. Its so quaint and beautiful.