Film or Digital for your wedding images….

wedding photographs are so special…it is so important to be sure you are getting just what you want….many people struggle with this decision…especially when it comes to film vs. digital photographs…the truth is they are both beautiful…in different ways….each photographer chooses their tool based on their own personal preferences….so when deciding on a wedding photographer, pay attention to what images you are most drawn to….don’t get hung up on how they were shot….digital images can be made into prints & negatives can be scanned to create digital files….so follow your heart & choose the photographer & images that feel like the best fit for you, regardless of how they make photographs…..

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 26-2009 , 10:58AM
    I received a degree in photography ( 4x5) and cried when A&I lost 3 rolls of film to a wedding, I bought a digital canon the next day and have not regretted it, but the truth be told if I got married again I would still want film for my wedding, film is so timeles and some things are best kept that way.
  2. Feb 12-2010 , 07:59PM
    I really liked your blog! nice
  3. Jun 18-2012 , 06:56AM
    I wish Contax hasn't stopped manufacturing Contax film cameras...I love my old Contax but I am afraid it will disappear one day and nothing will replace them....