there is an indescribable difference between boys & girls….sometimes very subtle…and other times not so subtle….i give my son just as many hugs and kisses as my daughters….and yet he is utterly and completely different from the girls….i am often in awe of his energy….and his ability to play basketball with an imaginary team for hours on end….but i think what really sums it up more than anything, is the joy he gets from playing with his dinosaurs on the dining room table….i imagine the feeling he gets is perhaps close to how i feel in a new pair of pretty shoes….so i let him play dinosaurs as long as he likes and smother him in affection whenever he lets me….

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 21-2009 , 03:26PM
    what a wonderful blog you have! and your photography is stunning. nice work!
  2. Feb 23-2009 , 02:50PM
    i love this. so sweet. nothing like a mothers love.
  3. Eva:
    Feb 25-2009 , 02:58PM
    You are an amazing photographer. Just looking at the emotion you captured in these images gave me goosebumps. Just brilliant.
  4. Aug 31-2009 , 10:15PM
    this post brought an immediate tear to my eye. I have lately been thinking of my youth in Michigan and the woods that I played in. I would spend countless hours, lost in my own world and my mom would always give me the biggest hugs when I came in. Thank you.